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To My Friends Who Are Graduating

To my friends who are graduating,

Your day is finally coming up; you’re about to be a college graduate. It is important to me that you know a few things I’ve been thinking about. I’m sure you have heard a little bit of it from several people, maybe myself or maybe your parents…but just take a second to read it all.

I want you to know that I’m extremely proud of you and extremely excited to see what your future holds for you. As of now, maybe you know exactly where you are headed or maybe you have no clue. However, if I know one thing for sure, it is that your future is bright.

Secondly, please don’t forget about me. I know they always say the friends you meet in college are the ones you will have for the rest of your life, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I worry our different paths will cause us to lose touch. You’ve been with me for the ups and downs throughout college and I’m sure I will need you in the future to calm me down.

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Please know that if you ever need a weekend away from wherever you end up, always know my bed (or couch) is yours whenever you need it. You’re always welcome to visit. I’d sincerely enjoy catching up and gaining a glimpse at what the real world is like.

If you find your life long partner, let me know. I don’t want to find out via Facebook post because, well, that’s awkward. If you ever need help deciding on a dating site to use, or maybe whether or not you’re being “catfished,” reach out to me. We will figure it out.

Always, always, always remember where you came from. Our school has helped you become who you are. Heck, without our school there’s a chance we would have never met.

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Do your best. However, that’s nothing new, you have always done your best. If there is ever a time when you’re at a roadblock, know you will figure it out. You always have and always will.

If you move away, could you maybe move somewhere cool that we could make a yearly trip out of me visiting? Hey, if all of our friends move to cool places, we will have a variety of choices to vacation at!

As always, stay true to yourself. Through the time I have known you at college, I’ve seen you grow into an incredible young adult. You’ve grown to have your own values and opinions, and I hope that nothing in life ever makes you change who you are.

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If one day you become famous, remember me. I dealt with you when you were crazy during finals, when you drove me nuts, and when you cried over things which at the time seemed as ridiculous as spilled milk.

Lastly, never forget that I love you, and I appreciate the friendship you’ve blessed me with.

Thank you,

Your younger college friend



Kendyl Galbraith

My names Kendyl. I'm a senior at Bloomsburg University. I am studying Mass Communications with a track in Public Relations. I'm a big supporter of our Bloomsburg Huskies athletics especially basketball and lacrosse!