On Campus

To be a Human in Bloomsburg: Day 3

It’s been over 72  hours since the zombie virus was unleashed on Bloomsburg University campus, and a new enemy has stepped out of the shadows: a witch.

Although I have not seen the creature myself, I hear rumors of it’s abilities. I fear due to this mysterious new antagonist, these might be the last days in the human resistance.

Today five poor souls fell victim to the witch and the infected. However, there’s a small victory to celebrate, two zombies starved from lack of nourishment, and there are rumors of a map that will lead to a safe haven. The chances are dwindling, hope is fading, but my drive to revenge the fallen propels me to continue.

In addition to the living dead, the cold has become my new enemy. Jack Frost has forced me to wear layer upon layer of clothing, which cuts down on my flexibility, and in turn, makes it harder to follow rule number 18 of Zombieland, “Limber up.”

After diving into a bush today, to stay out of site of a very athletic looking zombie, I retreated to the library to discover the origins of zombies and the lore behind them. By looking into their past I might find a way to eliminate them in the future. According to African, Caribbean and South American lore, zombies are a work of black magic, and to make one was considered a very heinous crime. To not let the dead rest in peace was a insult to the family, or clan, of the zombie. The name “zombie” comes from the Haitian word zombi, that translates to “spirit of the dead.” Zonbi is actually a form of punishment to those to greatly agitated the community. Once the individual died, a Voodoo priest was called in to perform their rituals. The dead would then rise and be a slave to the priest till it was released. I came up with more tips to help in our survival till  Jack Frost blows the winds of change to Bloomsburg.

1. Know your environment. The human resistance have the home field advantage. Knowing every entrance, back way alley, nook and cranny will get you out of a tight spot.

2. Never give up the high ground. I’m not exactly sure what this does, but I hear in military lingo all the time so it must be useful. If all else fails, it’s one less hill you need to trudge up.

3. Have something to look forward to. Between class, homework, clubs, the walking dead, work, witches and  extracular activities, college can be a very stressful time. Besides survival and mental sanity have another goal or reward to look forward to. A nice talk with a close friend, a guilt free candy bar, or a cherished last kiss from a lover; use these as motivation to make it to the next day. There are 110 humans who have your back, don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.

Well that’s all I have today, check back here tomorrow for more on my journey and tips for survival.  Even though it is Bloomsburg University, and therefore mostly cloudy everyday, try to remember rule number 26 of Zombieland: “A little sunscreen never hurt anybody.” Neither does flossing and tick tacks, I believe dental hygiene is really important.