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Three’s a Crowd: Dorm Visitation Policies to Change

By Joe Arleth/”The Voice” managing editor & Tali Zangari/”The Voice” assistant opinions editor

In an attempt to reduce the high amount of roommate conflicts, Bloomsburg University will introduce drastic policy changes regarding Residence Life starting in the fall of 2009. Citing lax visitation policies as a reason for the frequent roommate disagreements and in preparation for the anticipated large underclassmen population next fall, students will no longer enjoy 24/7 visitation hours.

The new policy will restrict the hours during the school week when students can house guests and place guidelines in regards to the frequency of weekend visitors. Visitation guidelines will be implemented for non-hall residents and other guests during the week from 10 p.m.  through 1 a.m. On weekends, a 24-hour visitation period begins Friday at 10 a.m. and will last until Monday at 1 a.m. Furthermore, all non-BU guests will be required to register before arriving on campus. Registration can be found online and must be competed 24-hours before the visit begins. The changes will not effect on-campus apartments such as Honeysuckle, MOA and MPA.

The new policy has received different reactions from students currently living on campus and considering campus housing for next fall. Prospective Freshman, Kelsey MacMurray feels that the new rules might be too strict and inhibit students. She says that she would be happier attending a school with more flexible rules. While she agrees that visitors shouldn’t be allowed during the week, she feels that as long as the roommate(s) agrees, then there is no need to register.

Sophomore Debon Berger thinks that the new policy is good, as she recalls problems with nonstudents living for free with a friend in residence halls. “I think [this new policy] is a good idea, but it needs to be altered,” Berger explains. She thinks that it will prevent roommate problems, which is its intended purpose, but that it might be too strict to be reasonable.

This new policy is sure to cause some problems in the future, and the question is whether or not it will cause more problems than it solves. Regardless, the new policy is sure to change the way campus residents enjoy their freedom.



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  • Michael McDade

    I completely agree with what Joseph said. The only reason it is going to prevent problems between roommates is because it takes away some of their freedom.

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