The Struggles of ‘Zoom University’

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected billions of people across the globe. Life has changed greatly when we look back at the time before the pandemic. One of the biggest adjustments we have had as a society is the adjustment to living in a virtual world. Through this new virtual time, talking to close friends and family through a screen has become a normal for most people. While we have been used to virtual communication, this had been taken to a whole new level. Employees were beginning to report to work in their living room rather than the office, and students were sitting in bed during class instead of a classroom. This launched the surge of Zoom.

“Zoom University,” as students began to call it, became a very prevalent and common thing for students across the globe. Students were joining these virtual calls not only from many states, but many countries as well. This was an adjustment larger than most students have ever experienced before. Most students have only had experience attending school in person, with a physically and mentally engaging learning environment, but virtual school was just the opposite.

As a student that never really liked going to school as a whole, I found myself missing it more than ever. Little things that I had taken for granted previously like going to the library, or sitting in a classroom, became things that I yearned for. Staying at home, and not having on-campus resources such as the library, or in-person office hours, made staying on top of my assignments more difficult. I found it hard to get motivation to do my school work. I found myself falling into bad habits in relation to school. Some actions I did to correct these were treating my days as if I still had to be in the classroom. That meant no excuses for missing my classes or assignments. On top of that, I would take time out of my day to leave my phone downstairs while I sat at my desk to study and complete upcoming work. I found these tools really effective and this allowed me to get back on top of my work and achieve grades that I’ve never had before.