Student Performers Come Out to Play

Program Board kicked off their events this year with something new. Outside at the amphitheater next to the Scranton Commons,

Program Board held their first Open Mic on Sept. 13 a bright sunny afternoon perfect for their performers. Students stopped by during the dinner rush at the Commons to see the talent of their fellow classmates.

“It’s the beginning of a good sign of showing support to fellow students” said Alyssa Duksta, Sound Stage Chair for Program Board. “It’s something different. It’s a good break from studying”

Students stopped by and watched performers of Tre’von Mosby, Konstontin Efimo, Justin Rosario, Dustin & Alex, and Evan Davis along with the band I Don’t Want to Be a Robot! Each artist got a chance to perform songs from popular artists or what they wrote on their own.

I Don’t Want to Be a Robot! band member and co-president of TWLOHA (To Write Love on Her Arms) ,Dan Clark was amused on the new idea.“It’s causal and it’s out there in the open” Clark said “We advertised where people come pass everyday”

Duksta definitely wants to have another one in the spring semester by the turn out of performers and students. Near the end of the event, students from the stands started to volunteer to perform, and members of Program Board gave out Midnight Came Early merchandise as a thank you.

To find out when the next Open Mic is like Bloomsburg Program Board on Facebook and follow them on and also look out for other events they are planning this semester.Twitter @BUProgramBoard