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Ten Ways to Lower Stress Levels this Semester

Top Ten Ways to Surviving A Stressful Semester

Coming back to classes after spring break is always hard.  Back to work, back to cramed schedules, and back to stress. While it may seem impossible to avoid stress, all hope is not lost. There are ways to lower your level of stress and come out strong this semester!

1.      Keep track of your assignments

  • Keep a log of what is due and when it is due. For each week write down what needs to get done and cross it off when it is finished. This allows you to see that all the work you think you have may not be that much.


2.      Set Time Tables

  • If you need to get work done, but often find yourself side tracking try making a time table. Allow certain time periods for “work time” and “play time”. This will allow you to spread out your work, so you don’t end up cramming it all into one sitting.


3.      Talk to your professors

  • If you are unsure of something that you covered in class go talk to your professors. There is a reason they have office hours.


4.      Go to discussion groups

  • This will help reinforce what you learned in class. You may find that a topic you found confusing will become clear when it is explained by a TA or another person with experience in that field.


5.      From a study group

  • Get your friends or people in the same major as you together and sit down and study. Your friends will help you stay on track.


6.      Make time for yourself

  • You are allowed to have some personal time. Take an hour or two and do something for you. Go to the gym, read a book, etc.


7.      Talk to someone

  • Sit down with your friends; call your parents, etc. Get whatever is bothering you off of your chest. If you are stressed or nervous about something let it out. You will feel 10 time better and be ready to get back on track.


8.      Find a quiet place for yourself        

  • Sometimes the dorms can get loud and distracting, find quiet place like the library or the lounge on your floor and get focused.


9.      Use a reward system

    • When you complete and assignment or a task allow yourself to have a little reward. This will clear your mind and help you relax. BUT remember do not reward yourself until you have completed your task


10.  Have fun

  • Get out and have a good time. College is a time for new friends and new experiences. Enjoy life and being young and in college (but do so safely)!

Each of these tips are from my personal experiences. Each one has helped me this semester and I hope it will do the same for you. Take a deep breath and remember things can only get better.