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ReRev Brings Change to BU

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The days of simple energy are over. Human energy can now be used to power laptops, cell phones, buildings, and many other things from a new system called “ReRev.”

This company was established in 2008, and now has 31 schools and fitness centers using its technology. This new system of energy is being used in the elliptical machines (ReRev only works on those machines) at  the Recreation Center here on campus. Currently, Bloomsburg has 11 machines using this energy. says “ReRev™ retrofits cardio equipment to reroute the energy that is being emitted as a heat by-product. Instead of the equipment raising temperatures inside the facility, causing the air conditioning units to work harder, the energy is delivered to a central processing unit which converts the human power to utility grade electricity. Each retrofit has a controller box which feeds back through a processor and into a central-grid tied inverter, tapping directly into the building’s electrical system — creating free electricity with no maintenance required.”

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This site also says that ReRev works in this process:

Human Energy: Kinetic energy from a workout is converted to Direct Current and sent to the ReRev system.

Current Converts: The Direct Current is converted into Alternating Current, which is the form of electricity used by homes and businesses.

Renewable Energy: This energy can then be used to power the building. (Elliptical machines that use ReRev generate one kilowatt-hour of electricity every two days.)

Though the cost benefits won’t be seen for some time, the Bloomsburg Recreation Center has taken a part of being environmentally “green.”

The following is a Fox News clip on ReRev:



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