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Northumberland and Montour “Go Green” as competition begins

By Zack Sterkenberg


Earth, once a planet rich with wide open plains and endless virgin forests; now a planet on life support with the human race starring as “Dr. House.”  The realization that our mother Earth needs resuscitation has been the driving force behind the “Green Movement” sweeping the globe.  Bloomsburg has joined the movement by investing in a Bio-fueled shuttle bus, adopting the new “Tray-less Tuesday” program and now the “Get Your Green On” competition.


The competition pins Northumberland Hall up against their downhill rival, Montour Hall, in a no-holds-bar earth preservation initiative.  The event kicked off on Oct. 15 at 4:00 p.m. outside of Northumberland Hall with free “green” food, recycling games and an opportunity for anyone interested to learn more about the competition.  The goal is to encourage students to recycle and conserve energy to help slow global warming and preserve the planet.


“The Northumberland and Montour Halls will be competing to see who can reduce their energy use and recycle the most,” said “Go Green” committee member and English professor Dr. Claire Lawrence.  “We’re trying to get students do to the little things like recycle their papers, magazines and bottles as well as shut their lights out when they leave.”


To help out the students in the competition, free recycling boxes will be available if interested.  Posters and flyers addressing proper recycling habits and information about recycling and energy conservation will also be lining the halls as soon as next week.


“This semester we can’t have any more dorms join the competition because we’re trying to get a good estimate as to how much we can save and store until the end,” stated Lawrence.  “However, next semester we may be able to add more residence halls.”


Although the green hair and food might be washed out and digested, the recycling match has just begun. Support the “Get Your Green On” movement and Pennsylvania’s Recycling Month by recycling and living more green.  Anyone can participate, and remember, “it’s the simple, easy things that can make all the difference.”