You don’t speak Spanish!? You can learn to speak, read, and write in Spanish with My Spanish Coach for Nintendo DS.  My Spanish Coach will teach you about 10,000 words and 700 phrases in Spanish. Even if your goal is not to master Spanish, the game can make you familiar with the language. If you have already taken Spanish, it will evaluate your Spanish knowledge from the beginning and place you right into your level.Your own personal coach will give you words to memorize. First, she will announce a word then you record your own voice to match it. Of course you don’t want to mispronounce something! Don’t know your masculine or feminine words?No problem, because My Spanish Coach will also teach you them. There are eight games to help you memorize the vocabulary like “whack a gopher,” memory, and word search.

While waiting for a class or getting your car inspected My Spanish Coach will entertain and educate you.
Of course not every game is flawless there are a few mispronounced words and irregular vocabulary but overall it is very helpful.How much is this going to cost you? The game itself costs about $30.00 new and around $12.92 used from The game is overall an interesting way to learn some Spanish or pass the time. Other games published by Ubisoft are My French Coach and My Word Coach.(Below: Trailer for My Word Coach)
Hasta Luego! Until Later!
- Melissa M.



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