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New Social Media App- Erodr

Erodr touched down on Bloomsburg University’s campus in late January.  Since the launch of the free iPhone app, BU has gained over 500 users.

“My Erodr team and I have had a massive amount of success in only three weeks,” said Margaret DePippo, BU’s Erodr campus representative and sophomore.  “We are focused on covering all demographics inside the college community, therefore we can produce a diverse stream on the app.”

The new mobile social network allows BU students to access a news feed that they can post on.  It offers the ability to post both text and pictures.  What Erodr offers that other social networking sites does not, is the power to post anonymously, in addition to being able to set a time limit on how long a post is viewable.  The stream is constantly updating what is happening in Bloomsburg, on campus or off campus, at any point in time.

Due to students wanting to protect their identity, Charlie Fink, owner and creator of Erodr, has taken extra security precautions so that students feel safe using the app.  Users are not searchable on Erodr.  A user can only know another student has an account if that student posts on the news feed.  Also, no information provided to Erodr for logging in can be searched for online.  The app is not accessible from a computer, either.

“I believe this app is perfect for our generation.  We constantly feel the need to document and post our lives.  Erodr allows us to do so anonymously and even on a time limit,” said Ethan Musselman, BU Erodr team member and junior.  “It allows us to share our fun with the rest of Bloomsburg while protecting our future careers”

The app is very user friendly.  It is a free app located on the app store of iPhones.  Erodr is planning an update within the upcoming weeks that allows Droid users to access Erodr.

Erodr is a location based social discovery app with strong privacy controls for students on campus.  It live streams who and what is happening at that moment. Posts are not viewable beyond campus.   Afterall, what happens in Bloomsburg stays in Bloomsburg.