So many people that arrive at college want to achieve the full college experience. So they go out of their dorms and do everything  imaginable. College students do this as a way to cope and connect to the new environment that they are now in.

They start by joining frats and sororities, or even service project organizations. Yet, people never really think about joining a club sport, such as Ultimate Frisbee.

Most people are not familiar with the unusual sport of Ultimate Frisbee. “It’s that sport that only stuck up, lazy kids play” current Bloomsburg University student Sam Miller stated about Ultimate Frisbee players.

“Frisbee” players today, deal with this stereotypical viewpoint all the time.  The stereotype, although may be true for some Ultimate Frisbee teams, it however is not the case for the players involved in the Bloomsburg University’s Ultimate Frisbee Club.

The Frisbee club team is co-ed and run by Bloomsburg students.  The team practices whenever possible, usually everyday during the work week.

The team also participates in tournaments that are played in local colleges through out the state of Pennsylvania, and will play four to six games in an entire day.

The Frisbee team here at Bloomsburg is also so large, that at tournaments they must split the team up into two. An A team, the more advanced and veteran players, and a B team that has mostly first time players or rookies players.

The A team has even won two of the four tournaments they played during the Fall 2011 semester. “It takes a lot of hard work and determination to get where we are” stated Kyle Hanley player and captain of the Frisbee Club.

However, the game is more than just business. For some it is a way to connect and be apart of something. “I feel this game [Ultimate Frisbee] brings people closer together.” stated Hanley.

When freshmen rookie Lauren Creasy was asked how she felt about the team she stated, “For me it’s more than just a game, it’s where I feel a sense of connection and community here at Bloomsburg. Bringing a home away from home feel.” The other players happen to feel the same way especially sophomore rookie Alex Bannon.

Bannon decided not to play Ultimate Frisbee his freshmen year for complications he did not want to discuss. When asked how he felt his freshmen year with no Frisbee in his life, Bannon stated “I was bored…felt like I did not really fit in, no connection anywhere at Bloomsburg”

Bannon even went further to state that he even felt like transferring to another school, but now he would not even think of it.

While the connections that they share are great it goes even further than just at practice. The Frisbee team also tries to always find a way every week to meet up for just a great time with one another.

The Ultimate Frisbee team now plans on playing in three more tournaments this coming semester.  This upcoming semester, however before each tournament the team plans on having a pasta party to help get them even more prepared.

This idea was spear headed by Frisbee player Ben Meck. “ I feel it is a great idea, I love pasta… and it will definitely bring us even closer together while preparing us for the game.”  stated Meck.

As it can be inferred, these  teammates are more than just that they are great friends as well. “I have met some of my best friends on this team and I have no idea where I would be without them.” Hanley expressed.