On Campus

Ryan Colestock: Student, Pizza Boy, and Musician.

Every town has a local celebrity of some sort.  That one person or group that everyone knows or has heard of?  Whether they are heroes, actors, musicians, or simply just weird, they all manage to earn fame in their own way.

West Chester has Ryan Colestock.

Ryan Colestock grew up in West Chester, and currently goes to school at the University with the same name.  He is frequently seen around Bloomsburg visiting his numerous high school friends and his music has spread from West Chester to Bloomsburg over the past few years.  The rapid spread of his music is partially due to the large volume of students from West Chester, but also due to his music playing throughout Bloomsburg.

People have asked for CDs, they have asked for him to play live, they have asked simply to put him on their iPods and for the past three years his legacy has grown.  Music is his passion, as he is never known to deny a spontaneous “jam-sesh.”  At parties he brings his guitar just to be safe.  He likes to be prepared at any moment.

He and his drummer, John Petty, a current student at BU, recorded several of his songs this past year at a recording studio in West Chester.  As a result, Colestock released his first single on iTunes, Playpen (which is currently available for purchase).

If there is one thing that always comes before school and work it is playing music for his friends. Colestock performed on 104.5 simply because a friend asked him to participate.  He is a busy man and finding the time to play isn’t always easy, so it works out nicely that his friends love to hear him play.

There are countless memories of Colestock playing, no matter how insignificant it seemed at the time, and when everyone is grown up, there is no doubt that they will look back and remember the experiences they’ve shared with Ryan Colestock.  Whether they remember hanging out after school listening to him play, or having him play at their parties, Colestock’s music is a part of their lives and always will be.


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