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Join the Media and Journalism Ambassadors

If you are a Media and Journalism major, this is an opportunity for you! This is great to put on your resume. You can be an ambassador no matter what track you are on. It is great to have a variety of students in different tracks, so that if one person cannot answer a question about a certain track or class, then another may be able to. 

There are a variety of things that you can do as an ambassador. Two of the biggest events is major/minor fairs and open houses. During these two events you get to represent the department and inform current and incoming students about the major and all of the opportunities. It is beneficial for students to hear from current students in the major. The students are able to connect with you on a different level than others may be able to. 

Another opportunity is visiting and talking to freshman classes. This is a way for them to hear about different classes or clubs that they should consider participating in. Last semester I went to a freshman Media and Journalism class. I told them about my experiences from my four years at Bloomsburg University. I shared some classes that I have taken both inside and outside the major, my internship and other experiences I had throughout my four years at Bloomsburg.

It is good to be involved with your department so you can grow better connections with the professors. Think about applying for the Media and Journalism Student Ambassadors! 

Students who have a major GPA of 3.0 or higher are eligible to be an ambassador. If you are a current freshman, sophomore or junior, please email Dr. Dennis Frohlich a short essay explaining why you would like to represent the department as an ambassador. Please include your track (as well as any minors/other majors you have), as well as a list of any student media organizations you are involved in. Emails can be sent to dfrohlic@bloomu.edu