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Join BU’s SSSA and Help Save Homeless Animals

This is Jasmine, a 7-year-old female, brindle pit-bull at the Danville PSPCA waiting for her forever home. Call (570) 275-0340 or visit http://www.pspca.org/adoptions/pets-for-adoption-danville/ for more information about Jasmine.

Do you have a love for animals? Do you enjoy impacting the lives of others?                    Join Students Saving Shelter Animals today and begin your path to better the lives of homeless animals.


Students Saving Shelter Animals (SSSA), is a rapidly emerging club at Bloomsburg University. Its members are dedicated individuals working to touch the lives of others through a shared love for animals. The organization’s primary goal is to increase awareness of shelter animals and raise money for their care and to help find them homes. SSSA members volunteer at the local PSPCA shelter in Danville, PA, completing weekly to monthly goals.

SSSA was founded by Brooke Elliott two years ago during the spring semester of 2014.

“I was inspired to create this club because of a wonderful pit-bull I met at the Danville shelter named Steele. He finally found his forever home just last week,” said Elliot.

She wants to bring awareness to all of the homeless animals and try to help them as much as possible with the help of other animal lovers.

SSSA says new members are always welcome. Joining is easy and informal. The club’s meetings are held every other Wednesday in Hartline Science Center at 7:30 p.m. Members are required to attend a minimum 50% of biweekly meetings, participate in one fundraiser, volunteer at Danville at least once, and pay a yearly $2 membership due.

Members can volunteer by signing up at an SSSA meeting to carpool with other members at a specific time and location. If members have a car, they can drive themselves to the shelter and record their hours online.

The Danville shelter houses horses, cats, and dogs. A shift at the shelter consists of working on the care for the animals, then loving and play at the end. Volunteers will clean cages, change bedding, and give fresh food and water. Along with these duties, members may assist the shelter employees in completing additional tasks.

SSSA hosts fundraisers to bring in donations for the shelter. Since it was founded, the organization has raised $634 in donations for homeless animals. This provides them with food, treats, bedding, toys, vaccines, surgeries, and so much more. The past events that contributed to the abundance of donations were Pit-bull Day, a “Don’t Shop. Adopt” T-Shirt sale, and a carnation/bake sale.

Pit-bull Day is an event held every spring semester on Bloomsburg University’s quad. SSSA brings pit-bulls from the Danville PSPCA to campus to educate students on the breed and to end their bad reputation. Students can meet the dogs, pet them, buy treats, and donate to their cause. The donations go directly to pit-bull shelters in Pennsylvania.

There are opportunities to be on the executive board as well. Members can run for president, vice president, president elect, event coordinator, secretary, historian, and treasurer. The entire board works to keep the club running as successful as it can be. There are 160 people signed up for SSSA and 32 active members. Come join SSSA today to help save homeless animals!