On Campus

Muslim Student Association

from left to right Sameerah Abdullah, Shaniqua Laws, Marcella Mitchell, and Shikara Ramsey

Diversity here at BU is booming! There are many different multicultural organizations on campus for minorities and those of different cultures and religions. These specific types of organizations can give students a sense of comfortability with those they have more in common with. As well as being more open to meeting new people and new ideas.

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) is a new student-run organization on campus. Sameerah Abdullah, who is a junior at the university, founded the organization. “MSA’s purpose it to represent Islam in an unbiased positive light, free of media propaganda” said Abdullah. MSA welcomes those of other religions to join the organization. They are very open about meeting discussions. Some of the goals for the organization are to become well established on campus, spreading the word of Islam, and contributing to the diversity on campus.

MSA’s Executive Board consists of president Sameerah Abdullah, director Shikara Ramsey, treasurer Tamin Buaysha, and media outlet Jordan Randolph. The additional Executive Board for the 2012-2013 school year will consist of the following Marcella Mitchell, Shaniqua Laws, Aroob Mallhi, and Mamadou Cisse. All students are freshmen-seniors.

The organization plans to have many on campus activities and fundraisers. They are also looking for new members to join and bring new ideas. MSA is a great organization if you’re looking for diversity and want to learn more about Islam or even just having a stimulating conversation, this would be great for you. Their meetings are every Wednesday but the time may vary.

MSA is currently working on their website, however you visit their Facebook page, Bloomsburg University Muslim Student Association; you can request them or like their page if you are interested.