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How to do The Big Event

So, you’re a newbie, huh? Well, welcome to The Big Event: Bloomsburg University’s biggest community service event of the year. Don’t stress too much, you’ll survive a few hours of manual labor .

First things first, make sure you’re signed up. You can sign up with one of the clubs, teams, or organizations you’re involved with. That will ensure that you have a nice group of people you know you’ll be working with.

Next, know your dates and times. This year’s Big Event is on April 2 at the Bloomsburg Town Park. All participants are told to be at the park at 8:00 a.m. on the day of the event in order to sign in. April 2 is a Saturday so try not to party too hard the Friday night before.

Third, get your free food and free t-shirt. College kids love free stuff. At the Big Event, there is lots of food, mainly breakfast items like coffee and bagels, which you can get when you first arrive at the park. Make sure you’re timely though because the food can go fast. After getting food you can head over to the t-shirt stand to get your free Big Event shirt. Last year’s color was a baby blue. I’m not sure what this year’s color is. Anyway, free food and a free shirt are both pluses.

Next, you’ll be given your assignment. You and your group will be given your project for the day and start heading to your destination. In my past years of doing the Big Event, my duties have ranged from raking and bagging leaves in the skate park to helping a local resident clean out her shed and turn over her mulch. Being someone who does landscaping over the summer as my job, I don’t think any of the assigned tasks at the Big Event are too difficult for anyone.

Lastly, once you’re done at your job site you can head back to the park, hand in your supplies, and go home. The Big Event is a great way to help out around the town of Bloomsburg and it doesn’t require much of your time. You still have the majority of your Saturday to do whatever you please.