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How to Beat the Boredom

Tips for passing the time when stuck in a flood zone

No one likes being stuck in one place. Being restricted on what you can and cannot do is never fun. Due to the flood the people who are unable to leave Bloomsburg are stuck in their houses or dorms with limited places and things to do. Below is a list to help you pass the time until the water recedes!

1)       First things first, get ahead of the game and catch up on the first week  of reading for classes that you have been avoiding.

2.)    Next, take the time you have now to do some housecleaning. Straighten the living room or common area if you are in a dorm and make your bed. This will kill time and if you are stuck in one place for days a clean room will help your sanity.

3.)    When you can read no longer and your room is clean (if you’re lucky enough to have power), pop in a funny movie to kill an hour or two to make you smile. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine.

4.)    If you’re not lucky enough to have power grab that deck of cards usually reserved for drinking games and deal you and whoever your with a hand. It can be poker or gin or any game you like. Make it interesting by placing bets and dares for whoever losses that hand.

5.)    Before you go completely stir crazy, get out and walk around. Be sure to stay away from flood areas and out of the way of emergency personal but getting some fresh air will definitely help the cabin fever.

6.)    If aimlessly walking around doesn’t appeal to you, have some direction and if possible meet up with friends who are also still around. Surrounding yourself with other people besides the ones you live with and are stuck with 24/7 will help keep you sane. Its always more fun to be with a bunch of people. Make up dumb games and talk about funny stories you have.

7.)    When all else fails and you are at the breaking point, crack that beer that you’ve been saving! (Only if you’re of age, of course!)