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Guidelines To Staying Healthy At School

Even though this is my fourth year at school, sometimes it is still an adjustment. I’m used to relying on my mom’s home cooked meals during the summer, which is very different from the food that I consume at school.


Between classes, homework, and hanging out with friends everything gets busy really quickly. But the biggest problems that college students face is drinking more often, eating late night greasy food, and not exercising as much. No matter how great your metabolism is at this age these problems can wreak havoc on your health and your waistline. Here are some tips and suggestions to keep you healthy, and your skinny jeans will thank me!


  1. Visit the Rec: Pretty much every college has a Rec center that is on campus so students have easy access to it. The Rec is a great place to unwind after the stress of classes and working out. This will help increase your endorphins. Between free weights, cardio equipment, and organized fitness classes, there are a lot of options to choose from. Go out of your comfort zone, try something new, and it’s free! I know the Rec seems like a long walk away from your cozy bed, which brings me to my next tip.



  1. Walk More: Bloomsburg’s campus isn’t that big that you don’t have the ability to walk to and from classes. Those hills will give you shapely legs and butt, and you will also be burning more calories. So skip the elevator and driving when you can, and walk instead.



  1. Have a Routine: When you have all of this free time at school you may want to sit around doing nothing all day, but instead you should take advantage of this free time and make a routine. Make sure you’re eating a healthy breakfast every morning, working out after classes, and making time for studying that doesn’t affect your sleep schedule.


  1. Don’t skip meals: I know that when I’m studying, sometimes time seems to fly by, but not missing meals is important. By eating regularly you are fueling your brain and helping your metabolism. When you “forget” to eat, you are more likely to eat whatever food comes into sight, which is likely to be the greasy unhealthy options. So get those fruits, veggies, protein, and carbs in that stomach to keep you energetic for whatever comes your way!


  1. Eat the pizza: I love pizza and anything that has chocolate on it, but many people think they can eat these foods on a daily basis and not gain weight. I would never suggest taking something out of your diet because I could never stop eating chocolate, but it’s all about portions. If I have a craving for chocolate, I’ll have three Hershey Kisses and be satisfied. If I want pizza one night, I get it but I make sure to balance it the next day with a salad at Husky. Eat what you want, but be mindful of what you put into your body.

6. Make a soda on the weekends policy: Soda is one of the foods that has zero nutritional content (including diet soda options) and also leaves you drained after a few hours of consuming. Instead of cutting out soda, have it only on the weekend and during the week switch to H20.



Those are some tips that I believe will keep you healthy and keep the weight off! What are some tips that have helped you stay healthy in college? Share below or check out womenshealth.comself.com, and my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TZUDNnLXRk for more fitness tips.


I'm a senior at Bloomsburg University studying journalism. I'm interested in fitness, celebrities, and beauty. In my spare time I teach a fitness class called jumping calories and I'm also in National Broadcast Society.