Fourth Annual Mr. Bloomsburg Competition

The fourth annual Mr. Bloomsburg Competition was a fun and entertaining time for both the audience and the participants!

Laughter, entertainment, cute boys in bathing suits; all of this took place on Tuesday March 26 in the Kehr Union Ballroom. The fifth annual Mr. Bloomsburg competition had some fierce competition and was an enjoyment to watch.

The seven contestants started the night off with a choreographed dance to Justin Timberlake’s latest hit, “Suit and Tie.” For the first event of the night, the boys strutted their stuff on stage for the swimwear portion of the competition. The boys’ outfits ranged from beach attire complete with sunscreen to nothing but pairs of neon green boxer briefs. After, the judges and the audience got to know the contestants a little better with a quick question and answer.

When the intermission took place, Bloomsburg University’s women’s dance team entertained the room with an upbeat hip hop routine. The second half of the pageant was kicked off with talent. The participants’ abilities included stripping , turkey mating calls, balloon animals, and serenading the crowd with their voices. At the end the night, the boys came out in formal wear looking dashing for their last chance to win over the judges.

Freshman, Evan Lepovetsky was chosen by the audience for this year’s Mr. Congeniality. First runner up was Enrique Josephs, Jr., who won two tickets to a Staten Island Yankees baseball game. The overall winner of the night and the crowning 2013 Mr. Bloomsburg went to senior Christopher Smith , who went home with two tickets to a 76ers game.

The fourth annual Mr. Bloomsburg was a fun and exciting event for both the audience and the contestants. The Mr.Bloomsburg competition was sponsored by PRSSA and NBS and will hopefully be around for many years to come.