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The Focal Point of Campus: A History of the Fountain and Quad of BU

This article was written by Katarina Solovey

BLOOMSBURG – It is of no doubt that Bloomsburg University’s academic quad and fountain are the hallmarks of the campus and the center of attention for all who visit. “[The quad is] my favorite thing about Bloom, I like how all the classes are centered around it,” says junior Deanna Campion.

Over the years, campus greenspace was lost due to construction when the quad was put on campus as part of a master plan to add more greenspace. This project was finished just in time for a dedication ceremony for Homecoming 2007. Due to a loss of parking a decent amount of spaces were added to the Sutliff Hall parking lot as well as a brand-new parking lot behind the library.

Although the quad was part of a master plan, one purpose of the quad was to have commencement on campus again which was previously held at the Bloomsburg fairgrounds. It was also suggested that the quad could be utilized by students for various activities such as reading and relaxing.

“I use the quad when it is warm outside and usually do homework, study, or throw a Frisbee around,” says Bloomsburg sophomore, Matt Thum.

A signature part of the quad area is the fountain. The original BU fountain was a gift from the class of 1904 and originally stood in front of Carver Hall where the class wanted their iconic gift to be seen by as many people as possible.

Over the years the original fountain rotted away, therefore the class of 1940 replaced it by giving the gift of a new fountain that mimicked the original. This fountain also stood in front of Carver Hall, but was taken out and stored inside Carver Hall due to a need for more parking spots.

After 52 years, the fountain is placed between the quad and the library. The bird on top of the fountain is the same piece that was on top of the original fountain from 1904. The fountain in downtown Bloomsburg looks pretty similar to the fountain on Bloomsburg’s campus, but the one downtown was constructed in 2002. “[The town fountain] may have had a symmetry [to the campus fountain],” says Bloomsburg University archivist Robert Dunkelberger. The final cost of the quad came out to $1.9 million; this may be why the golden rule of the quad is to never walk across it.