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Is It Fair for All Students to Pay The Recreation Fee?

*Editor’s Note: This article was written by Cara Eschenmann.*

BLOOMSBURG – When it comes to the fees that Bloomsburg students pay, some feel as though they should not have to pay for the things they do not use.

A perfect example is the Recreation Fee. Students pay this fee to utilize the rec center on campus. The fee is $91 per semester when taking 12+ credits, and $7.75 per credit when taking 1-11 credits. Many students on campus use this luxury but at the same time, many do not.

The semester is about four months long, which means students are paying about $22.75 a month for a gym membership, and some of those students have no interest in the gym. In the eyes of a college student with limited means it seems high considering the local Planet Fitness charges just $10 a month.

Kathryn Crossin, assistant director of finance and business services, explains that the fee “covers the costs associated with running the recreation center.” All students who have classes on campus pay the recreation center fee which would include commuters. “If a student is taking classes at this university, they would be charged all of the on-campus fees. By spreading the costs of activities such as the recreation center, the student union, community activities, and transportation amongst all students, it provides students with many activities to choose from, to participate in, to enjoy, and to learn.”

Crossin clarifies that, “Bloomsburg University has always practiced transparency and bills each of the fees separately so the students know exactly what they are paying for with fees.  If students were able to choose resources that they want to utilize, like the recreation center, the fee would have to be much higher than $91 per term.  For example, if only 25% of the students wanted to use the recreation center, the fee would have to be four times larger ($364 per term) in order to fund the center.”

After being informed of the information Crossin provided about this fee, freshman Devon Dicampli says, “I use the rec center quite often, and I would agree that I should pay for using these facilities. It also makes sense why everyone is required to pay the fee because if they weren’t, the cost would be insane for those who count on having the rec center as a resource.”

Freshman Ellie Monaco says, “I knew that this fee existed and to be honest, I did not use the rec center at all first semester. I understand why this fee is in place and why we have to pay it as students, but I would agree with why commuters or students who never use this resource at all would not want to pay this fee.”

More information can be found on Bloomsburg University’s website under fees and charges.