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Earth Day in the Quad

There was nothing but blue skies, green grass and hundreds of plastic bottles in the Bloomsburg University quad Thursday, April 19.

Students were confused upon seeing their beautiful landscape wrapped in unusual decorations.

A junior at the university, Rachel Conley, said, “I heard a lot of ‘what’s up with the bottles?’” On her ride to campus, the bottles were “the talk of the bus.”

It didn’t take long to figure out the message. There were posters hanging from trees educating people from every corner. Some of the posters read, “And you thought your bottle didn’t matter.”

Megan Coats, another junior, said the bottles really caught everyone’s attention, “Especially since it’s such a nice day, all the bottles are an eyesore. They’re the first thing you notice.”

One poster explained that the bottles were collected from one dorm building, Columbia Hall, over a 12 day period in March. Most of the bottles were purely water bottles. It read, “Bottles=oil, oil=dirty environment.”

An organization called H.O.P.E, which stands for Help Our Planet Earth, is responsible for cluttering the campus.

Eve Steransky, a sophomore member, said that at least 60 percent of the bottles used were found in the trash, and could have easily been recycled.

Steransky said the group is trying to, “Plant the seed of sustainability.”

The organization had tables set up for potting seeds, selling bracelets with beads made from recycled paper, and had a suggestion box for earth friendly food at the commons.

Steransky said, “People need to change their opinions on how to live sustainably. We can’t live like we have five earths.”

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