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Donate to the BUnow Scholarship fund

BUnow, Bloomsburg University’s student-run news and media site, is accepting donations for its second annual BUnow Scholarship Awards. Four students will each receive $250 or more, depending on how much money the fundraising campaign brings.

Molly Nesselrodt, managing editor and one of the recipients of last year’s award, says, “BUnow is an amazing organization where members are encouraged to be creative. The scholarship is a great incentive and reward for students who have contributed to the club.”

The scholarship provides financial support to students within the organization, who work hard to make BUnow a success. Its members do everything from web design and editing to social media and more.

Informational video about the BUnow Scholarship, produced by Michael Innamorato and Michael Lamberti in 2020 for the inaugural scholarship.

“BUnow was a full-time job for me, and I know that it is for so many of the students involved. It played a huge role in helping me secure top-tier internships as well as my current position [as top editor of Lehigh Valley Style],” recalls alumna Kristen Rinaldi, who serves as head of the BUnow Scholarship Review Board.

“I think that allowing students to devote as much time to an organization that will help them grow in their field and further their careers by giving them the financial security to be able to do so is incredible,” continues Rinaldi.

The scholarship money is awarded directly to the students, to use as they see fit. Nesselrodt says she used her scholarship money to purchase several textbooks.

Samantha Bergan, 2020 graduate and another recipient of last year’s scholarship, remembers BUnow as a platform that helped her hone her skills for her future career. She now works as a content creator for a skin care company, running the social media accounts.

Bergan shares, “BUnow was where I truly learned and experimented with social media. I was able to let my creativity show with different posts and running contests and giveaways. It was such an awesome experience and great opportunity filled with like-minded people wanting to learn and grow their skills within the media industry.”

Rinaldi also credits BUnow for setting the foundation for her career path. The organization made her a leader, as well.

“As the Editor-in-Chief of BUnow, I took my responsibilities extremely seriously, and I cared about the veracity and effect of every piece of content published on the site. I learned to deal with backlash from readers and how to have those hard conversations. I was also meeting regularly with faculty of the university–I really viewed BUnow as a business.”

Now, in her top position with Lehigh Valley Style magazine, she leads the team and has tough conversations with readers and businesses daily.

“And similarly to BUnow, it is not a job I ever truly log off from!” Rinaldi remarks.

The inaugural scholarship in 2020 was awarded to two returning students and two graduating seniors. The winners were:

* Katie Rose: BUnow Editor-in-Chief and major in Media and Journalism and Political Science. 
* Molly Nesselrodt: BUnow Managing Editor and major in Media and Journalism and minor in Sociology.
* Samantha Leonard: BUnow General Manager and graduate in Psychology. 
* Samantha Bergan: BUnow Social Media Editor and graduate in Media and Journalism.

The 2021 campaign can be found on BU’s GiveCampus site: https://www.givecampus.com/schools/BloomsburgUniversityofPennsylvania/bunow-2021. Donations will be accepted through May 15, so don’t delay.

“Donate to the scholarship fund to help motivate and reward the students of BUnow! When I got the scholarship, it helped me be more confident in myself and my skills as I was just about to graduate and enter the work force not knowing what to expect,” states Bergan.

“I’m forever grateful for that confidence and motivation boost I needed to know I can succeed.”

And at BUnow, the growth and encouragement doesn’t end at commencement.

Rinaldi, who graduated in 2015, reinforces that by saying, “BUnow’s [founding faculty] advisor Dr. Ganahl continues to support me in my career and invites me back for countless opportunities with BUnow” and the Media & Journalism department.

The campaign has so far raised $2,005 of its $4,000 goal.

Donate now!

As she approaches her upcoming graduation from Bloomsburg University, Rose serves as the editor-in-chief of BUnow. She enjoys fishing, kayaking, writing poetry and playing the saxophone. A true storyteller, she is dedicated to bringing impactful stories to life.