You might have seen a few girls on campus wearing a blue jacket with yellow lettering. But what do those letters mean?

Those letters are Phi Sigma Sigma. To many people not associated with Greek Life it is just another sorority, but to these girls it is a sisterhood. Since November 26,1913 Phi Sigma Sigma has been uniting women with one goal in mind, to embrace individuality. Phi Sigma Sigma National website

Phi Sig is a dynamic sisterhood of powerful women who ignite positive change and bring out the best qualities in each other in order to better themselves as a whole. In 1988 Phi Sigma Sigma made active the Epsilon Zeta chapter here at Bloomsburg University. To this day the chapter is going strong with no signs of slowing down.

One of the building blocks of the sorority is the tremendous work it does in the community. The Gamma Nu Chapter, located at Rutgers University, has fund raised $30,000.00 since April 24, 2011. All the fundraising the sorority does directly benefits the National Kidney Foundation, in efforts to help people who are facing kidney disease. Phi Sigma Sigma is more than just a group of girls, they are all in it with the intention of helping a neighbor in need. The Epsilon Zeta chapter does its fair share in the community helping organizations such as the National Kidney Foundation.

I was given the chance to speak with current members of the sorority Kate Sipes, Melissa Hurlburt, Erin McGuire, Tori DiTomo and Jodi Crossan. To me it was evident these girls were eager to tell their stories. I began my interview by asking Erin McGuire “What is the most rewarding part of being in the sorority.” Without skipping a beat she said, “The lifelong connections have been really rewarding. Being surrounded by people who care about you is a dream come true.”

I then asked Kate what her experience has been like since joining the sorority. She said “ It is not what I expected, people see sororities on TV as being stuck up and mean, but that’s not the case with Phi Sig. I have made real connections with a group of girls I can now call sisters.”

These girls all agreed by saying joining Phi Sig has been one of the best decisions of their young lives and they are all excited for the journey to continue as a sister. For the girls involved, Phi Sigma Sigma transforms college students into leaders of the future. [youtube id=”-YTrZhkVwmc” width=”600″ height=”350″]