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BUcares: A Club That Cares


There are so many clubs and organizations on Bloomsburg’s campus, but while I was doing my research, I realized I should create a club that means something to me… personally.

Once I had decided to start my own club, I looked into what steps I would have to take to get there. The first step was to take a petition form and have students sign it to let them know what the club is about. The petition is a form where students get the information of what they think about having a particular club or organization on campus. Next, you try to find an adviser who is willing to be the head of the club and will give the executive board advice on how to do things, be at general meetings, and help with anything for the upcoming year. Once the petition is approved, you fill out the model constitution and have a meeting to talk about why you think this club should be on campus. If that form is approved, then you are ready to begin your meetings for the club. The easiest process for me was to interview potential executive board members. At first, it was hard to brainstorm and think of an awesome club name. I wanted something original and simple, but something that stood out. The name I finally settled on was BUcares.

BUcares will provide support to students struggling with social issues which may include bullying, body image, and prejudice. The club will educate students on how to not be a bystander; which means if you see something that is going on you do not approve of, there are ways to speak up for the other person. One way to do this would be telling the person, “It is wrong for you to say that to him/her” or immediately seek help if you do not know what to do at the moment. This club will allow members to enhance their self-esteem, and to become an active student on campus by volunteering to help others who are going through this difficult time. Members will help motivate and encourage students to speak up and stand up against bullying .

I chose to create BUcares because I was bullied from 6th grade to the end of high school. I even became depressed and tried to commit suicide because of these experiences. However, with support from family and friends, I recovered. I want to create support for others who have similar experiences.

I want BUcares to be a club for students to share their stories and see that we can take action when needed! My goal is to help people as much as I can. Let’s come together and create solutions to students’ problems. The club is currently in a process of becoming approved for the 2015-2016 year. For more information and to find out how to join and what you can do to help, contact the president (Hadiyah Grove) via e-mail: hg37876@huskies.bloomu.edu.


I am a Mass Communications major with a concentration in Emergent Media. I am an urban girl who loves everything beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and technology.