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BU to QVC – How to Prepare for Your Future

For many Bloomsburg University students, graduating from college is just the first step in the journey of life.  But what comes next? On Monday, Oct. 21 two successful Bloomsburg University graduates visited campus to give advice on how to prepare for post-graduation goals.  Along the way, they told their stories of how they became national spokespersons and salespersons for many Fortune 500 Companies on QVC inc.

Lori and Sean Pickford are both 1987 graduates of Bloomsburg University.  Even though they both found their way as on-air talent for QVC, the paths that led them there were quite different.

Sean Pickford was a Mass Communications major with a specific interest in sports. “I wanted to work for ESPN, that was my dream job” Sean said.  He explained how he was involved in BU’s student-ran television station which opened many doors for him; “I interned at WNEP and they even offered me a job a semester before graduation, but I knew I wanted to finish school and then start my career.”  He continued to talk about how students should make the most of their internships, and said, g “The more you want to do as an intern, the more they’ll let you do. Get active and involved.”  After graduating from Bloomsburg University, he landed a job with QVC.  At this time, QVC was just evolving.  “Many people that were employed there didn’t know how to do it all – editing, camera work, producing, but Bloomsburg prepared me well, and I felt confident” Sean said.

Lori Pickford was a Business Economics major who wasn’t exactly sure what she was going to do after graduation.  She was involved with the program board here at Bloomsburg University which allowed her to run many events.  “I was the girl who was running around all over campus putting up flyers and trying to get the word out. I really liked the public relations aspect,” Lori explained. “I was co-chair of the dance marathon we held at school, and that really helped me realize my career goals.”  After graduation, Lori entered the public relations field. Eventually, she also found her way to QVC.

After 10 years, Lori and Sean opened their own business Kinder & Associates.  This didn’t stray them away from QVC, however, they still can be seen each week as hosts.

So, what is the big secret to landing a great job?  Sean and Lori revealed their thoughts on how to prepare:

Extracurricular activities are important!

Employers want well-rounded, active people.  They want employees who can multi-task and stand out, not one-dimensional.  Take full advantage of all the clubs and activities available for you to participate in.  “GPA is always a factor, but involvement in campus and community can really catch their eye,” explained Sean Pickford.  Think of anything and everything you’ve dedicated time and hard work for, and highlight that on your resume.


Experience is key.  Employers like to see students who have already engaged themselves in the field.  No internship goes unrewarded!

How many resumes do you have?

Hopefully more than one!  Both Sean and Lori expressed the importance of preparing your resume to accurately suit the job you are applying for.  Lori said she has 3 resumes, each applying for different situations – “Look up the company you are interviewing for and figure out what qualities you have that are most suitable for the position, then perfect your resume.”

Reevaluate yourself!

Simply stated, Google your name. Now imagine your future employer is sitting next to you as you sort through and look at each social media profile you have.  Are there pictures or comments that you would not want that employer to see? Well, if there are, delete them now!  You would not want to ruin your chances of landing an awesome job because of inappropriate images on social media.

Sell yourself!

Be enthusiastic, excited and engaged in the company.  Sean Pickford said, “Remember, no job is the wrong job!  Take each step as a learning process, as experience, and get to know people. You never know who your future employer might be. Connections are endless.”


It is never too early to start preparing yourself for the future.  Get involved on campus today.  There are countless opportunities happening on campus each and every day.

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