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BU Student Top Three in Major Dance Competition

Ask anyone on campus if they’ve heard of Christina Davis, and chances are you’ll get a positive answer.

Davis recently entered the “Lens On Talent”  competition on the Black Entertainment Network (BET) and has since made it to the final three competitors.

When the competition kicked off, thousands of people submitted videos of their talents. The network narrowed them down to the top 100, then top 25, top 10, and now to the top three.

“A friend had suggested that I enter the competition,” said Davis, a junior communications studies major and dance minor. “I never thought I would get picked out of the thousands of videos submitted. I’m so grateful.”

Like most children, 4-year-old Davis loved to dance around the house. She then began taking dance lessons at 12.

“When I dance, I get to show a bigger and more aggressive side of my personality,” she said. “I’m naturally a soft spoken and timid person. Dance is my outlet.”

It isn’t hard to realize this. Sitting face-to-face with Davis you are sitting with a bubbly and infectious, yet humble and soft spoken personality. Watching her dance, she is a completely different person. Confident, aggressive, sassy, and chic; you would hardly recognize her.

Aside from dance, Davis also has a passion for fashion and is involved in Vice Versa, a modeling and fashion group on campus.

“About a year ago I was in a competition for New York Fashion week,” said Davis. “I made it into the top four and was supposed to go to New York City for the final competition, but couldn’t make it because of my classes.”

It was this disappointing situation that led Davis to decide never to let an opportunity like that pass her by again.

“That’s what made me decide to join the Lens on Talent competition,” she said, showing a glimpse of that hard personality. “I wasn’t going to let this chance get away from me.”

Originally from Philadelphia, Davis, came to BU for the small town environment.

“I love knowing everyone,” she said. “I’m really close with all of my professors, and I love how nice everyone is. Coming from Philly, that’s all really refreshing.”
She went on to say how the campus atmosphere has been especially helpful with this completion.

“Everyone has been so supportive. Even my professors are showing the video in classes and telling the students to vote. It’s been incredibly overwhelming … I’ve been crying so much because I’m just so happy and grateful,” She said, starting to tear up. “Look at me! I’m going to start crying just talking about it.”

The winner of the competition receives $10,000. But the money isn’t what’s important to Davis.

“Of course, the money would be nice … but I really just want to get my name out there. I’m hoping this will open a lot of doors for me. I would love to dance for Chris Brown. I’ve been tweeting him (@chrisbrown) like crazy trying to get him to watch my video,” she laughs.

While it seems almost everyone on campus is on board and supporting her, she isn’t the kind of person to let it go to her head.

“I’m never like ‘I got this’ or ‘There’s no way I’ll lose’ … I’m still very insecure, and will be until the  final vote on Oct. 2.”


*Photo Credit: Eric Foster