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BU Painted the Town Pink at 9th Annual Breast Cancer Walk

On Sunday, Oct. 30 the 9th Annual Breast Cancer walk was held at the Student Recreation Center, wearing plenty of pink participants came out to support breast cancer awareness and managed to raise over $9,000. All proceeds benefit the Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition (PBCC), a Pennsylvania non-profit organization dedicated to the patients and their families affected by the disease. An astonishing 700 participants came out for this year’s walk, a significant increase from the average 400 who took part in previous years.

“We have been very fortunate to continuously have better than expected participation and raise more year to support the PBCC,” said Jen White, director of campus recreation, who was actively involved in organizing the walk.

Student organizations on campus were involved in volunteering for the walk and many raise money for the cause. The most raised by a residence hall was Elwell West, while Zeta Psi had the most for a Greek organization and DASL raised the most for student organizations on campus.

White was surprised to see much support, “The overall numbers for this year are a bit staggering, especially in a community that has seen so much need for donations, volunteerism, and support over that last couple months due to the devastation caused by the recent flooding.”

Participants included student organizations, faculty, and community members who lined up at the start and waited for the BU mascot, Roongo to give the go ahead. Winners of the 5k race were awarded trophies or medals depending on what they placed. All participants had the opportunity to win raffles after the race, which included donations from local businesses.

“One of the goals of the walk is to bring the community together, there was no doubt we met that goal this year,” said director of The Office of Multicultural affairs. Rodriguez has organized the event for the past nine years in honor of her mother who she lost to breast cancer.

“I’m really looking forward to our tenth year, we’ve already started planning” said Rodriguez. Next year will be the 10th Annual Breast Cancer Walk. “It’s a rewarding milestone of a decade of fundraising for a great cause,” said White, “we will continue to raise awareness and honor those effected, to continue to help find a cure for breast cancer.”

Winners of the 5k walk/run are as follows:

Male under 30 winners
1. Jared Arnold- 20:45 1st place overall
2. Tim McConnell- 21:06 2nd place overall
3. Billy Stump- 21:46 4th place overall

Male over 30 winners
1. Bill Hower 21:41 3rd place overall
2. EJ Moore 23:57 7th place overall
3. Brent Crispell 24:33 9th place overall

Female under 30 winners
1. Meghan Roland 25:56 12th place overall
2. Kelly Barko 26:28 15th place overall
3. Marissa Gallagher 26:36 16th place overall

Female over 30 winners

1. Richelle Fessler 26:52 18th place overall
2. Eileen Hower 31:45 32nd place overall
3. April Manley 46:56 42nd place overall

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