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BU Mascot to be Changed

The Bloomsburg University Mascot Board of Trustees released a statement today announcing that the beloved university mascot will be changed.

“Due to the recent budget cuts, the university can no longer afford the extreme maintenance costs of the Roongo costume,” the statement declared.

It went on to explain that a mascot with so much fur tends to start to break down and become matted if not conditioned and combed every two weeks, a process that can be extensively expensive.

“We are very excited to announce that the Bloomsburg University mascot will now be the Chinese Crested,” said Jon Parker, Vice President of Bloomsburg University’s Mascot Committee.

The Chinese Crested is a hairless dog and, according to the committee, will be much easier to maintain than the burly fur that Roongo possessed.

“This kind of breed will be much more maintainable as a mascot than the husky,” said Parker. “After every event we usually have to sweep up Roongo’s fur off of the floor for hours, not to mention the time spent brushing the coat.”

The Chinese Crested is a big change from the Siberian Husky; it usually weighs no more than 10 or 12 pounds and concerns have been raised about finding a student small enough to fit into the costume.

It is a delicate creature, not always suggested for children, and is sometimes opposed to being handled. Despite these qualities, Bloomsburg University representatives said that the Chinese Crested is a beautiful creature, and they will be proud for it to represent the school.

“We loved Roongo,” said one BU student. “He’s been such a huge part of this university’s history…we’re sad to see him go.”

It was unanimous vote from the Mascot Board of Trustees, and they think that the students will be thrilled as well.

Especially, when they find out it is all for April Fools!

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