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BU Longboarding Club Cruising on to Campus


Looking for an exciting new hobby in Bloomsburg? The B.U.L.C. is always looking for new members!

Founded in fall of 2012, Arthur Newman has had big plans for the future of the Bloomsburg University Longboarding Club. With over 15 members and counting, this club is growing rapidly. The Longboarding Club is a great way for people to fit in on campus. It gives people a sense of community, and everyone has people to hang out with and ride with. The club schedules events such as rides, meetings, and lessons.

Dues for the club are $10 per semester, so even a broke college student can afford it. Members of the club can be seen around campus wearing sweatshirts with the BULC logo. All that is needed is a longboard, but if you don’t have a board, don’t worry the club has few extras for the new riders. The club is always welcoming new members, including those that have never stepped on a longboard before. Be sure to look for posters around campus and find the Bloomsburg University Longboarding Club on Twitter and Facebook!