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BU Going Green

BY: Kimberlee Courtney, Ashli Yakabovicz and Anthony Brino

Recently, Bloomsburg University has jumped on the “green” band wagon, encouraging recycling efforts both on campus and in the community.“Get Your Green On,” a movement involving colleges and universities nationwide, is a program that encourages students to become environmentally conscious and promotes recycling.

The program kicked off at BU on October 15 and runs through the end of the semester. Students living in Montour and Northumberland residence halls have been competing against each other to see which dorm will recycle the most materials. The winning hall will receive the prize of a study break day complete with refreshments and activities.

But how does the competition work? Recycling bins have been placed throughout the residence halls, and students have the option to place boxes outside their doors for pick-up. Energy-saving light bulbs are replacing old halogen bulbs throughout campus, and students are urged to save electricity.

“Get Your Green On” is a way to get students to participate in more environmentally-friendly behavior, especially with a prize at stake. With several weeks under way, it looks as though the efforts of “Get Your Green On” are slightly lacking.

As we walked down the halls of both Northumberland and Montour, we couldn’t help but notice the numerous trashcans filled with plastic bottles and paper. Although recycling bins are available, their locations are inconvenient.

“Students are too lazy to walk to the bins,” says sophomore LeeAnna Erway. “If Residence Life made more bins available, more students would participate.”

The program still has some quirks, but so far it has got the word out. Students whom we spoke with throughout Montour and Northumberland all had the same reaction. More people on campus are recycling now than ever before.

George Kinzel, the assistant director of Residence Life, says the program is catching on. “The recycling has defiantly increased throughout the dorms and we hope to keep it going.” he said.

Residence Life is not only working on “Get Your Green On,” but has numerous environmental-friendly programs underway. The new construction and renovation that will start in the spring semester will use many “green” products and building materials.

It may be because of the signs around the residence halls, reminding students to shut lights off when not in the room, or it could be the incentives, but no matter what, BU is heading in the ‘green’ direection.



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