On Campus

BU Builds New Catwalk to Honeysuckle

*Editor’s Note: This article was written by Kayla Martin and edited by Hannah Boudreau.*

BLOOMSBURG, Pa.- A five-year project to build another catwalk connecting Honeysuckle Apartments to Bloomsburg Campus is starting to make some progress. Eric Ness, Assistant VP of Facilities Management, says completion for this project is currently projected for July/August.

According to Ness, this project has been pushed back due to site conditions that required changes to the foundation design. The catwalk will cost BU an estimated $1 million.

With the completion of this project, the bus that runs from campus to Honeysuckle will end. This change has brought up concern among students. “It may make it more difficult because there is no side walk in that area and the cars come down fast, so it could honestly be really dangerous,” says Monica Delora, a current Honeysuckle resident.

While taking the bus from Honeysuckle to campus may be a good option for some, other students have different take on the completion of this project. Kevin Ferrer-Carlo, another current Honeysuckle resident, says that he feels the catwalk is a good idea and will make getting to class easier. He also added the short walk will promote a healthier lifestyle.

Students that don’t live in Honeysuckle also feel as though the new catwalk is necessary. Melissa Walker, a Bloomsburg student, says she thinks it will be good for the people who live in Honeysuckle, because it will be easier for them to get to and from campus.

By taking away the bus service, Bloomsburg will save the money needed to run buses to and from the Honeysuckle Apartments for 14 hours each day.