On Campus

Bringing H.O.P.E to Campus

H.O.P.E. is a student run organization at Bloomsburg University that focuses on environmental issues. They campaign for clean energy, recycling, and other concerns involving our campus and community. They are composed of both environmental majors and non-majors and range from freshman to seniors. They also have many events and trips throughout the year to raise awareness and make a change.

Some of the past events include:

Powershift 2011: 28 H.O.P.E. members traveled to Washington D.C. in April where a clean energy conference was being held. They heard many inspirational speakers, and were educated on many different environmental issues.

Earth Day: A table was set up outside the library where you could go tye-dye shirts and make hemp bracelets. Donations were accepted to raise money for the gulf coast oil spill and the attempts towards its clean up.

Mountain Top Removal Trip: In November HOPE traveled to Whitesville, West Virginia to see firsthand the effects of mountain top removal.

All of these events have been highly educational for all those involved. If anyone is ever interested in being part of H.O.P.E. they are more than welcome to join!

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