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Breaking news: Hit-and-run in Tri-Level

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — A suspect escaped a hit-and-run at Tri-Level parking lot this afternoon after hitting a group of people, according to eyewitnesses. One victim was hospitalized and then released.   

The suspect hit a potential student’s car and tried to flee the scene, as seen in the video below.  

An unknown student living in Elwell Hall caught the hit-and-run on camera.

BU junior Natalie Miller saw the white car hit the potential student and bystanders who tried to stop the suspect.  

One male stabbed the suspect’s car tire and almost got ran over, said Miller.  

“This is a place I park all the time and I’ve never thought something like that could happen at Tri-Level,” stated Miller.  

Miller took a picture of the license plate and sent it to the police.  

The suspect is still unknown. No one was severely injured.  

This is a developing story.