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Bloomsburg Dance Ensemble Annual Spring Showcase

This story was written by Emily Newell.

BLOOMSBURG, Pa — Bloomsburg Dance Ensemble students spend hours per week preparing and working hard to put on the Annual Spring Showcase every year. There is a lot that goes into making sure everything runs smoothly for a show that has the audience telling the dancers to “break a leg.”

The Annual Spring Showcase will be held on Mar. 29th and 30th, in the Haas Auditorium, and everyone is welcome to attend, free of charge. Doors open at 6:30pm and the show starts at 7:00pm.

Dancers spend as much as up to 8 hours a week dancing and learning choreography from their teachers for the performances.  In an interview with Amanda Feddock, a current dance ensemble member and teacher, she said, “It’s such a cool experience seeing the class’s improvement and dedication and how much hard work they put in for the spring show.”

The show doesn’t only consist of the dancers, but help from stage crew, sound and technical staff and the Haas Center director of performing arts. Randel, the director of performing arts said, “The auditorium usually fills up with about 1,000 people and are looking to have over 1,600 people this year”.

The Bloomsburg Dance Ensemble is the largest student run organization on campus which offers students the opportunity to keep dancing throughout their college years. There are classes for all levels ranging from intermediate to advanced, this way everyone has a chance to dance.

“I love being able to still dance, coming into college I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to continue doing what I have done my whole life”, said Nicole D’Arcy, junior, student, and Bloomsburg Dance Ensemble member.

The dancers work hard on including everyone from all different styles of dance.  There are over 14 styles of dance offered ranging from hip-hop, ballet, to African dance. This way everyone has a chance to show-case their own talent.

“Bloomsburg University dance team is a great community of dancers and friends. We work hard all year to put on performances and events for the school and even some competitions,” said Andrea Daly, Bloomsburg University Dance Team captain.

The dancers dedicate about an hour per night to practice and learn their dance in the studio, which is located in Centennial Hall. The teachers/choreographers are students as well and come up with the dances that are then performed in the show.

The show seems to be coming along well, and the dancers and teachers have only a short time left to get their performances looking in tip top shape.