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Big Event is Around the Corner!

CGA’s annual “Big Event” is on Saturday, Apr. 7 this year. Big Event is one day out of the year where as many huskies as possible get together and give back to the town by lending a helping hand. Last year alone, over 2,000 students participated on 217 different job sites.

You can sign up for Big Event with a group of friends or a specific organization. On the day of the event, you show up to the designated meet-up spot, , you get a t-shirt, you’re assigned a job site, and then you are given any tools you may need to complete the job.

“[Big Event] gives our university a time to be more than proud of each student body member,” said William Turner, Co-chair of the Student Recruitment Committee for Big Event.

Big Event tends to be linked with the non-university sanctioned event “Block Party” in the sense that their outcomes cancel each other out. At Block Party, students spend an entire weekend partying and the town’s cleanliness and tolerance for BU students suffer following the event. Basically, Block Party dirties the town and Big Event cleans it.

Olivia Chandler, co-chair of the Student Recruitment for Big Event, believes that showing appreciation for the town is essential to keeping harmony between the townspeople and our students.

“It is a way to say THANK YOU to the Bloomsburg residents” said Chandler.

Registration forms must be filled out with each participants’ signature and returned to the Community Activities office in KUB 428 by Mar. 27.  Any questions or concerns about Big Event can be directed to the Community Activities Office at (570)-389-4462.

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