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Behind the Scenes: a Quest for a New Student Trustee

By Zack Sterkenberg/ “The Voice”

Throughout the past year, Nicole Najpauer, a senior at Bloomsburg University, has been at the helm of one of the most prestigious and rewarding positions a student can hold.  

The title of Bloomsburg University Student Trustee carries with it a certain enigma that few students understand but unknowingly appreciate.  The time has come to begin the process of finding a new Student Trustee to take over for Najpauer, who will be graduating at the end of the semester.

It takes an individual, according to Najpauer, that “really holds the University students and faculty’s interest at heart. The position brings with it a lot of responsibility and dedication, but it opens up so many opportunities to go to new places and meet new people.”

Those who do not understand the job requirements and responsibilities of the Trustee position will find the amount of experiences that arise with the job remarkable.  Students with a passion for public speaking would be a great match for the job, which requires trustees to attend the Council of Trustees quarterly meetings.  

At these meetings, the representative student trustees from each Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) university congregate at a chosen location to discuss any kind of campus matters, or vote on certain issues that may be facing all universities or specific universities.  The other prominent event at which the trustee, along with their PASSHE counterparts, is expected to attend is the once-a-semester conference held at a selected university to essentially “represent and showcase” their university.

Other aspects of the position include assisting the President of the university with campus programs and procedures, along with aiding in decisions on everything from admission decisions to financial matters.  Aside from working directly with the University President, the Student Trustee acts as a non-voting member of the CGA Executive and Senate Committees.

Applications for the position are available at the Harvey A. Andruss Library, the information desk at the Kehr Union Building and in all Residence Halls.  

The deadline for all applications is 4 p.m. Friday, Feb. 13.  Applications should be handed in to Jennifer Kluck, the Administrative Assistant in the Office of the President at Carver Hall.  There is plenty of time remaining to get applications in and, according to Kluck, “we haven’t had any completed applications yet, but I’ve received more inquiries for the position than I have ever had before.”

After applying, Kluck, a team of administrators from the University, and Najpauer will begin the process of evaluating potential replacements.  “We have 60 days to agree on a name which will be sent to the Chancellor of PASSHE.”  At this point, the candidate is granted the opportunity for an interview with either a council, hand selected by the Chancellor, or the Chancellor himself.  If acknowledged by the interviewer(s) to be an excellent fit, the final step is formally being established as the new University Student Trustee by the Governor of Pennsylvania. 

“A few attributes that can help a prospective trustee really stand out,” said Najpauer, “are qualities that display a good head on their shoulders, something that shows that this person can handle stress, responsibility and that can remain enthusiastic.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to be a good public speaker and have an outgoing personality as well.”

Furthermore, any student with questions pertaining to the trustee position can email Jennifer Kluck at jkluck@bloomu.edu.

Take into consideration that not often does such a coveted and respected position open up for a new student to take the reins.  A world of opportunity lies ahead of whoever decides to become the student figurehead of Bloomsburg University.  Anyone who has the desire to represent BU, get your hands on an application and get the tires rolling on this remarkable opportunity.