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Be You at BU this Summer

Harvey Andruss Library

Bloomsburg University offers an excellent opportunity for incoming freshman and current students to earn credits over the summer.  Although this may not sound like the typical summer plans in mind, it is actually a very fun and beneficial experience.  There are three different sessions offered, session one starts May 21- August 10, session two May 21-June 29, and session three July 2-August 10.  The way that the summer program works is students receive concentrated classes in six weeks to earn credits.  It’s an outstanding way for students to catch up if they’re lacking behind, get to know new people, and receive education through very concentrated and intimate class sessions.

“I’ve been attending summer classes for quite a while now, and every time I achieve really good grades because the classes are so personalized, and the instructors are readily available to help you,” senior Justin McDonald said.

The class times typically last from 90-minutes to three-hour classes, four to five days per week.  This may seem like a lot, but it is very similar to how high school schedules run, which is very convenient for incoming students who may be timid to the new college class system.

BU offers more than 450 course sections to choose from.  As Bloomsburg students know, during the scheduling process, it is extremely difficult to get those classes needed.  Why not forget about intense scheduling woes and enroll in summer classes?  This way, the pesky system is avoided through the ease of choosing out of the many courses offered.

Another great feature about enrolling in summer courses is that you can focus your attention on merely one or two classes.  The hectic stress that occurs during the semester balancing five or six classes can be very overwhelming.  The coffee intake skyrockets and leaves little money in your pocket.  Having one or two courses is easily manageable.  Imagine the amount of stress you’re relieving for the upcoming semester.  Also, it may be a good idea to take a difficult course that has been put off, because it will be easier to take.

BU Mascot, Roongo

For incoming students to BU, the summer program is a fantastic ways to dip your toes in the water.  It’s a scary experience jumping out of your comfort zone from high school into the world of college.  Starting early and getting to meet new people will be a wonderful way to kick off the college career.

“I actually really loved coming to Bloomsburg in the summer.  I met some of my best friends and truthfully had a blast.  It was kind of cool being there when the whole student body wasn’t there.  I know this sounds weird, but I felt like the campus was all ours,” sophomore Amanda Higgins said.

Students will be able to embark in the college dorm experience as well.  They are placed in various dorms on campus and will experience what it is like to have a roommate and the dorm life in general.  The orientation workshop leaders (O.W.Ls)  on campus will also make the students feel warm and welcomed through various activities they’ve planned to get the students to interact with each other.  Also, they do an excellent job at preparing the students where everything is on campus.  It may be scary to think of getting lost on campus, but the summer program helps students familiarize themselves with the buildings, classrooms, and the surrounding area.

Before jumping to conclusions about the summer program, really think about all the amazing opportunities this short amount of time out of your summer can create.  Students have the possibility of fitting an entire semester through the summer if need be.  Individuals can graduate early, get back on track with their course schedule, and just have an opportunity of a lifetime meeting new friends.  So what are you waiting for?  Come be you at BU.

For more information pertaining to the summer program, go to: www.bloomu.edu/summer