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Arrest made in Tri-Level hit-and-run

Authors: Eva Wozniak, Aaron Sudia Boivin

A former BU student has been charged with aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person and other charges after turning himself in for the Tri-Level parking garage incident on Saturday.

Elijah Reese, 19, went to the Pennsylvania State Police Troop Barracks in Bloomsburg on Sunday around 4:45 p.m., according to the police criminal complaint report. 

Elijah Reese’s mugshot after turning himself in to the authorities.

Hit-and-Run Incident

According to the police report, Reese struck a parked car then attempted to flee the scene after he hit a male and female victim with his car. 

Then the male victim attempted to stop Reese from leaving by standing in front of the vehicle when Reese hit the man with his car. 

Reese “revved” his engine, struck the female victim and then hit the concrete wall, as stated in the police report. 

The man attempted to stop Reese from leaving the garage by cutting Reese’s front tire and was dragged about 40 feet on the ground. 

The victims had “no significant injuries related to the accident,” according to Eyewitness News.

Reese left his car in a parking lot about a block from the scene and fled on foot, according to arrest papers.

Prior Charges

Reese was also charged for being connected to the robbery of the Althea’s Imaginarium in October 2018 and for attempted robbery of Uni-Mart a month later. He withdrew from BU following the Uni-Mart attempted robbery. 

University Reponse 

What happened Saturday was a shock to many, such as junior Natalie Miller, who in our initial report stated she “never thought something like that could happen” at our campus parking areas.

With that in mind, Tom McGuire, Director of Media Relations and Content Strategy at BU, reminds the community to be safe.

“We urge everyone to be careful in these situations,” said McGuire. “When possible, it is best to get information about the vehicle (color, make, license number) and contact BUPD as soon as you are able.”

Furthermore, BUPD Chief Leo Sokoloski had advice for students in an interview with WNEP News.

“Do not intervene.  You see many law enforcement officers dragged by vehicles that have serious injuries from being drug and then run over,” Sokoloski said.


According to the Press Enterprise, Reese was arraigned before District Judge Douglas Brewer on Sunday.

He could not post $25,000 bail and was sent to Columbia County Prison.

Reese is scheduled for a preliminary appearance in district court on March 4.