Are BU Seniors Going to Graduate?

Scheduling at Bloomsburg University has caused many students some unnecessary anxiety and stress.

Scheduling is based on credits; the more credits you have the sooner you can schedule. This causes an issue for many students, and the stress of making sure you can graduate on time rises.

Damon Leeper, Senior Marketing Major, said, “Every year I have not gotten into one of my classes that I had in my shopping cart.”

The biggest challenge could be for seniors not being able to get into a fitness class, which is basically a gym class, in order to graduate. This is one class, out of 120 credits, that could be holding them back from receiving their degree.

Caroline Bush, a senior at Bloomsburg University, posted on Facebook, “Hey everyone. I’m trying to get a list of people graduating in the spring who still need 2 credits of a fitness gen. ed. but were unable to get into a class. I’m trying to get a Team Sports class opened up which isn’t easy to do, but if I am able to get a decent number of names showing a need for the class, it could happen.” So far 42 people have commented on her post, giving their information to further this petition.

Leeper admitted to being one of those people in need of a gym class to graduate. He said, “All I need is a two credit gym class, then I can get my degree. I am heavily involved in club sports on campus, I feel that that should be enough to receive my credits I need to fulfill my fitness requirement.”

Many students have emailed Exercise Science professors to see if they are able to get into their classes.

One department professor recently issued an email stating, “I received an email from my department asking me how many seniors were on my waiting list. I have over 70 individuals on that list; therefore, I am hoping they will consider adding additional sections. There is no guarantee at this time but I wanted to let you know that I am trying my best to help everyone I can and in any way that I can.”

As of now two new fitness classes have been added to the winter session. Allowing 50 students out of the 70 on the waiting list to be added, not all added are seniors.

There is also an issue when some classes that are required are only offered one semester out of the year, this can also cause a delay graduating.

Jason Carberry, Psychology major, said, “Scheduling causes unnecessary anxiety. I have not yet gotten into one of my prerequisite class that I need to finish my major.”

There are some obvious kinks in the system that need to be straightened out for the sake of the students at BU.