On Campus

A Healthy New Look at the Health Center


By Zack Sterkenberg

With temperatures dipping into the 30s and colder weather just around the bend, it’s time to prepare for colds, influenza, and snowboarding.  To help with the epidemics bound to flood Bloomsburg within the coming weeks, the newly renovated Health Care Center is waiting with open arms.

To those who trudged into the old 80s looking Health Care Center with a throbbing headache, a fever through the roof, and a nose stuffed to capacity, get ready for a more pleasant visit this time around.  Walking through the door, it seems like your sinuses may open up with the newly expanded reception and waiting areas, as compared to the sickly claustrophobic’s worst nightmare that was the old waiting room.  The wait ‘til the doctor yells is much more inviting with the new flat screen TV mounted on the wall over the usual doctors office magazine collection.  The large, open room boasts brand new purple carpet, new waiting chairs (that are exceptionally comfortable), a sleek new wood reception desk that allows three receptionists to work with optimal space available, and tons of new storage for student files (which were previously held in another building because of space constraints).

According to Health Center director Cindy Harris, the center that was built in 1993 at its current location in the Kehr Union Building, was in drastic need of some renovation.  “What we needed the most was space.  We got more space by tearing down the walls that separated the Health Center from part of the Greek Life office.”

“We also needed the expansion because the University is growing fairly fast.  We’re taking in more and more students every few years and the space for the amount of secretaries, receptionists, nurses, and doctors just wasn’t there,” stated Harris.  “Our efficiency is much better now that we are able to take in more people and tend to them more quickly.”

The center’s bland look of old has been transformed into what students say looks like “an actual doctor’s office.”  It seems as though much of the problems that were facing the Health Center in previous years have been addressed in the new design. 

So this winter, when the cold season kicks into high gear, do not hesitate to drag your aching body down to the Health Center; walking in alone may help you feel a little better even though it won’t cure you.  The doctors and nurses are busy however, so it would be best to set up an appointment at the first sign of a bad cold or flu bug.  To find out Health Center hours, or for any questions, visit the Bloomsburg homepage for any questions.

This article also appears in the Nov. 13 issue of The Voice.