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50 Shades of Grey Should be Shown on Campus

50 Shades of Grey is a movie that has been watched by many, whether you want to admit it or not. This movie has caused huge controversy, and recently its been causing controversy at Bloomsburg University. Program Board is showing the movie in the Kehr Union building on campus. Student, Karli Miller took to Bloomsburg Class of 2016 Facebook page. She stated this:



Miller started a petition to try to stop the showing of 50 Shades at BU. This movie is scheduled to be shown on April 29, May 1and May 3 in the Kehr Union building on campus. I understand everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and I think it’s great that Miller is taking a stand for what she believes in. Since she is allowed to have her opinion, I’m allowed to have mine.

I’ve seen 50 Shades of Grey; I saw it with 12 other people who were extremely excited to see the movie. After all the novels came out, everyone that read them seemed to be anticipating the film. I admit I cringed at a couple parts, not because of what Miller views as “violence” but instead it’s “kinkiness.”

This movie is EXTREMELY kinky; and you know what? If people want to take part in “BDSM,” (Bondage Discipline Dominance Submission Sadism Masochism) then let them. There is a whole documentary on BDSM on Netflix called, Kink.com If students want to view a movie that involves BDSM at the university that they are paying so much for, let them. It is each individual’s choice if they want to view it or not. Usmagazine.com reported a gross income of $248.7 million, for 50 Shades its opening weekend. I’m assuming from these numbers, a lot of students will want to see the movie, or watch it again.

Couples, who partake in this activity, go through a series of consent. If you watched 50 Shades, you would see, Chrsitian has Anna sign consent forms. Anything she is uncomfortable with she demands it be ruled out. This is considered normal if you are in a relationship involving BDSM. I understand, maybe some people do not go about it this way, but this movie is promoting that you should have extreme consent before participating in BDSM. What happens in people’s bedrooms is their business.

“It’s a movie. A movie based on a novel. It’s not supposed to be real. It’s supposed to be entertaining. I didn’t come to college for other students to try and censor what is on my campus. I could care less what movie she is trying to have banned. This isn’t high school. We are all adults. We can make our own decisions on what to see and not see, whether it is here or not.”- Annie Staff, Bloomsburg University Student.

Program Board at BU plans campus events. They plan activities for students that are enjoyable and entertaining, such as; trips to New York, Washington D.C., comedian shows, and hypnotists. They also plan sibling’s weekend and have involvement in planning homecoming. Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday in the Kehr Union, Program Board plans a movie for students to watch. Movies are expensive now. Program Board allows movies to be watched for free to BU students with just proof  of their ID; if you don’t have your ID, its $1. It’s almost $10 to see a movie in this day and age. Let the people who couldn’t afford to see it in theaters watch it if they want to.

When asked what their stance was on showing 50 Shades of Grey, Program Board responded very quickly,

         “We are just doing our best to present students with the opportunity to watch popular movies. We are more than willing to hear concerns from students and do our best to accommodate them. One way we are presenting students with this opportunity is providing a discussion following the showings of Fifty Shades of Grey.” 

For anyone wondering, since I don’t have a problem with this movie being shown, it doesn’t mean I am not a feminist. Feminist: the person who believes in the social Political, and economic equality of the sexes. – Novelist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

I also believe that the university/Program Board did not do this intentionally. There are a lot of movies that have been shown that could of caused even more controversy than this. Program Board is showing Pulp Fiction at 9 p.m. on the same dates as 50 Shades. I think if anything, there should be more concern over the showing of Pulp Fiction then 50 Shades. Pulp Fiction is extremely violent, has intense crime scenes and cruel punishment, but people love the movie.IMG_5381

Miller states that the movie is promoting “unhealthy romantic and sexual relationships,” but when you watch this movie, the couple clearly has passion for each other. Miller states that it’s not a 21st century relationship, but I have to disagree. More people these days are trying to spice up their sex lives. BDSM is one-way people are doing this. E.L. James made these novels because this type of play is becoming more common.

You should always be comfortable with the person you are engaging in sexual play and intercourse with. If you’re not comfortable with what your partner is doing, you need to communicate it with them. If your partner doesn’t get full consent from you, that’s when you have a problem.

Consent is sexy people. Remember that.

The university as a whole does what’s best for it’s students; they are not against us, they are with us. Program Board is one of many organizations on campus that help students relieve stress in a positive way. They plans events that are non-alcohol and drug related. They plan these events so that students don’t spend every night/weekend partying and making decisions that aren’t smart. What they do for us is something we all need to appreciate and take advantage of. Everyone makes a personal choice regarding what they want to participate in on campus. If they want to see 50 Shades on their campus, they should be allowed too.