BUnow-Weekly | First Meeting Edition

Aug. 29, 2023 – BUnow-Weekly

The BUnow Newsletter | First Meeting Edition

The BUnow Newsletter is a newsletter dedicated to covering different topics, news, and events. 

This week, we prepare for our first meeting!

❖ Our first meeting for BUnow is TOMORROW (Aug. 30th, 2023) at 6:30pm in Arts & Admin Conference Room 342. This is the first meeting of the semester, and we cannot wait to meet all of our prospective writers and artists!

❖ If you know any of your friends within your academic department, other clubs, or friends in your dorm that may have a passion for writing, have them contact Eliza Nevis, Editor-in-Chief or Carly Busfield, Managing Editor.

❖ If you are looking to start writing, please email Jake Eiden; Website Manager and Social Media so we can activate your writer’s account

❖ To learn more about our meetings, go to www.bunow.com/meetings.

❖ BUNOW.COM STORE: Looking to launch an e-commerce store with BUnow merchandise. More information will come within the following weeks. Questions? Contact Maddy Fueshko

❖ BUnow-TV – A hub for all podcasts, live streams, covered events, and other various multimedia projects. This area can be viewed at www.bunow.com/tv (revamp coming soon).

❖ BUnowHelp – a hub for all help resources, website status function, and other help features. This will launch soon!

❖ Fundraiser: As the semester progresses, we will discuss a potential fundraising event benefiting the loss of a friend to one of our admin members. More information will come soon.

❖ If you have any projects for us to consider, please message or email Carly and Eliza!

❖ Group Me is one of our primary ways we communicate with you all! We send reminders about meetings/events, news happenings around campus, and overall random communication so it’s vital to join so you can stay in the loop.

❖ NOTE: Email is still a vital part of our communication. So, if you have big, longwinded questions/concerns, please email our team so we can communicate more effectively!

❖ Please email Eliza Nevis if you need to be added to our Group Me.

❖ All of our news and happenings can be found at www.bunow.com. This site contains all of our content that we.

❖ If you are interested in BUnow after this newsletter, please email Jake Eiden, Webmaster (hey that’s me!) so we can establish your account.

❖ All of our news and happenings can be found at www.bunow.com. This site contains all of our content that we produce.

❖ If your account does not work or if you notice site issues, please report them to me so I can investigate it.

❖ We are always looking for new people to fill new positions, so if you are interested in any position that you think would be beneficial to BUnow, please send our leadership team an email. We will look into it and see if it’s a good fit.

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Stay up to date with the latest BUnow News Articles at www.bunow.com/news.That’s a wrap-up of our 2nd newsletter of the semester! We hope you all enjoyed your first week of classes and we cannot wait to connect even more this semester. Have a great 2nd week!  

We hope to see you ALL at our meeting TOMORROW!

Visit our new Newsletter webpage at www.bunow.com/newsletter

With love,