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Workin towards change…One step at a time

Kiana Payton and Jaedan Brown are all smiles days before Election Day

This election has been described as perhaps the most important and influential events in history and politics to date. Young people are expected to have turned out to the polls today, many in support of Barack Obama and “change”.

“Change” seems to be an important concern to Bloomsburg University students here on campus. They want a better president, a chance for the voice of the youth to be heard, and more equality and opportunities for the future.Students understand that the outcome of this presidential race will not only affect them but also their own future families.

Working as a mentor to young freshman on campus, Jaedan Brown is very involved in the campaign on campus and wants people to become involved in the process.

“This election is more than just important. If you don’t vote than you are not being heard by anyone, and have no right to complain about issues that you don’t agree with. We as young students are the future, and we must take the steps just like our parents did to help make a country and society that is geared toward equality, justice, and understanding for people of all races and backgrounds.”

Achieving a healthy state of diversity is one of Obama’s concerns if elected as president. Students at Bloomsburg University took a stance last Wednesday night at Black Cultural Society (a club on campus) expressing their hopes and concerns for the upcoming election.

Local student Kiana Payton shared her views on the state of America: “We are in need of change. As African Americans we have come a long way but we still have a ways to go. I would love to see people of my own race in the white house…what would that be like? Our nation is stuck and we need something different to fix the problem.”

Students at Bloomsburg University and young people all around the world have been pouring out their hearts and ideas in contribution to the campaign hoping that someone will be elected on Nov 4th that they believe in. Many students are registered here on campus and as of 5 P.M. today, at least 1500 of them have voted in the Kehr Union, according to volunteers at the polls.

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