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Trump’s Latest Controversy and The Iowa Caucus

Compared to some of his xenophobic rants, insults of other GOP candidates, and frequent misogynistic statements, one might be shocked by how benign Donald Trump’s latest statement is.Trump:Megyn Kelly

In a tweet on Jan. 26, Trump confirmed that he would not be participating in the final republican debate prior to the Iowa Caucus. In Trump’s tweet he stated, “FOX News thinks they can toy with him, but Mr. Trump doesn’t play games.” This “toying” refers to the past Fox-moderated debates in which Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly asked him biased questions having nothing to do with his political opinions.

Trump has since repeatedly tweeted negatively about both Megyn Kelly and Fox News. Despite his refusal to participate in Thursday’s debate, Trump’s poll numbers in Iowa haven’t dropped, and he may very well win the Iowa nomination.

Iowa Caucus Image

Speaking of Iowa, you might be wondering why it’s such a potentially important win. To make it as simple as possible, Iowa is the first state a presidential candidate can “win” in. The Iowa Caucus essentially tells a candidate how well they’re doing in the entire race. Whichever candidates win Iowa may very likely be the presidential nominee for their party.

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