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Translate this… VIKI software

ViKi,  international video site, allows fans of a TV series or Movie to translate them in over 100 different languages. ViKi has the rights to all of the TV shows and movies they have available so there’s nothing illegal about it. A new app was just created for the iPhone (under in-stream ads) and will contain TV series, movies, and entertainment news from around the world, with subtitles and is called ViKi On-the-Go. The app currently includes movies from Japan, India’s Bollywood, Egypt, Indonesian and TV series from Hong Kong, Venezuela, Russia, Korea and the United Kingdom. Quote by TechCrunch writer Leena Rao, “ViKi is the future channel for international distribution and translation.” The software is booming from last year’s numbers so go check this software out!


The Team

According to ViKi, ViKi was born as a joint class project in the graduate schools of education at Harvard, and business at Stanford. Our founders have a string of entertainment and start-up successes behind them. The ViKi team is as diverse as ViKi itself, with team members from Egypt, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Venezuela, Vietnam and the USA. We share a passion for discovering and enjoying global content, building communities of like-minded people from around the world, and creating products that disrupt and create new markets for world entertainment.