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The first case of Coronavirus in Geisinger Health System

Editor’s note: The headline previously read “The first case of Coronavirus in Geisinger Danville” and was changed at 11:23 p.m. on Thursday to indicate the cases are not necessarily in Danville. The patients were identified more generally within the Geisinger Health System. BUnow apologizes for this error. An updated lists of cases in Pennsylvania, including an interactive map and county by county cases, can be found here on the Pa. Dept. of Health’s site.

DANVILLE, Pa. — On Tuesday at 8 p.m., Geisinger confirmed their first three patients who tested positive for COVID-19.

Geisinger said that their officials would collaborate with the Pennsylvania Department of Health on the ongoing care and monitoring of the patients. In reference to their first confirmed cases of COVID-19, Geisinger’s president issued the following statement:
“Guided by months of preparation and the expertise of Geisinger’s staff, proper protocols in line with infection control best practices were followed during the patients’ care. Because of Geisinger’s extensive and ongoing preparedness, all of our facilities remain safe places for our employees, patients and visitors alike. All members of our communities should feel comfortable seeking care at Geisinger hospitals and clinics.”
Geisinger experts advise people use the hotline at 570-284-3657 if they may have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 or if they have coronavirus symptoms such as: fever, cough, shortness of breath. People should stay at home and not go outside if they don’t have necessary things they need to do. Cleaning the house and washing hands frequently is important. For more updated information, people can visit geisinger.org/coronavirus.