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The Election- A Republican’s Perspective

Students of Bloomsburg University,

You may not know this, but someone has been looking out for us as of late.

The PA legislature had proposed two pieces of legislation that could have been financially crippling to us and our families.

House Bill 1416 was poised to remove all state funding from the state system of higher education, which would lead to both a higher cost of tuition and less money for financial aid and scholarships. This bill was, thankfully, amended and the funding for our state colleges and universities is safe.

Another financial threat for many of us, as students of Bloomsburg University, is the proposal of tolling interstate 80. For those of us commuting to the campus, I-80 is almost inescapable. If this route was tolled, we would be charged while traveling both to and from school. Anyone commuting to classes two, three or four days a week would be taxed heavily by these tolls. This proposal is still being considered in our state government, but is facing stiff criticism.

Fortunately, as I stated before, there is someone looking out for us. Representative David Millard was instrumental in gaining support for the House Bill 1416 amendment and Representative Millard is a firm critic of the proposal to toll interstate 80.

(YouTube videos of his speeches and interviews regarding these and other subjects can be found on his website http://www.repmillard.com/)

This fall, Representative David Millard will need our help and support during his campaign and election. As a fellow student of Bloomsburg University, I urge you to get involved in this year’s election by becoming politically educated and active. A campaign rally will be held at Representative Millard’s campaign headquarters sometime in October (a date has yet to be set) and debates between this year’s candidates will be held on October 7 in the Columbia Montour Vo-Tech High School at 6pm, October 14 in the Calwell Consistory in Bloomsburg at 7pm and on October 28 at 7pm (venue TBD). I encourage all of you to attend these events and show your support for the man who has been looking out for us over the past few years.

For anyone who would like to become politically active and offer their assistance during the campaign, please contact:

Abigael Moser, president of the College Republicans, at AM31643@HUSKIES.BLOOMU.EDU

or Ryan Scarcella at RCS38407@HUSKIES.BLOOMU.EDU

To those interested, food and refreshments will be provided at Representative Millard’s campaign headquarters the night of the rally and the night of the election.

**Editors Note:

The Staff of BU Now contacted the College Democrats for an article supporting Dan Rae, however they failed to respond.  This article *does not* necessarily express the general views of the BU Now staff.