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Texas College Stabbings by Fantasy Cannibal

Twitpic of Dylan Quick subdued after trying to stab several college students to death.

Just before noon on Tuesday, April 9, a college campus near Houston, Texas. was in panic. Twenty year-old college student Dylan Quick went on a stabbing spree at his school, Lone Star College CyFair. He stabbed his victims, all classmates, wounding a total of 15 and leaving two in critical condition. Though none were killed, Quick faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted of his three charges of aggravated assault.

Dylan Quick

Quick did not appear at his court hearing due to the possibility of his being mentally ill. He admitted to being the lone stabber in a videotaped confession. According to CNN affiliate KHOU, Quick also told investigators he had fantasized about stabbing people, cutting off people’s faces and wearing them as masks, and eating people since he was just eight years old. He had apparently been planning this attack for some time.

Quick used an X-Acto knife and a scalpel to stab his victims, some in the chest and the face. Steven Maida, a student at Lone Star, claims to have taken down Quick with the help of one other person. After subduing the attacker, he Tweeted a photo of the attacker facedown and handcuffed.

Steven Maida took down the stabber and posted photos on Twitter.

This incident does not help to advance the current gun control agenda of many political groups. The school is a gun-free zone with a weapons policy forbidding civilians from having firearms on campus. Gun advocates claim that more focus should be put on identifying people with mental illnesses and preventing them from obtaining deadly weapons.

A 2011 FBI report states that more people are killed with sharp objects, blunt weapons, and hands or fists than with rifles.

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