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Hello everyone!

How exciting is this?! Bloomsburg University is taking strides to keep up with the media trends of the rest of the world with the establishment of BU Now.  Don’t get me wrong, our campus is no media slouch.  We are home of the award winning Spectrum Magazine, “The Voice,” WBUQ-FM and BUTV, all with their own strengths and contributions to Bloom media.  BU Now has strengths to offer as well – convergence and immediacy.  A story can be brought to you in a complete package, using printed words, video, photos and podcasts, and it can be distributed as soon as a staff member can make it to a computer.

The idea for the site originated with Dr. Richard “Charge!” Ganahl and Daniel “the cockerspaniel” Tallario, and somewhere along the lines I jumped on board.  After several meetings last semester to discuss our vision for this group, we were finally ready to launch this month.  Although it is in its young stages right now, BU Now will develop into an outstanding publication that you can resort to for hard hitting news, entertainment and insight on current events.  Feel free to leave comments on the stories and entries.  We want to hear your voices!

We will start building content immediately, so keep checking back.  If you wish to find out more about the organization and how to join, please contact Dr. Ganahl (rganahl@bloomu.edu), Dan (djtallar@gmail.com) or myself, shannon (smhoffma@bloomu.edu).

Shannon Cannon


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